Yvngxchris Damn Homie Ft Lil Yachty Lyrics

Damn Homie Ft Lil Yachty Yvngxchris

[Verse 1: yvngxchris]
Uh-uh, yeah
He shot first when we get back
Shoot up the party, we f**k up the kickback
I have my n***as pull up where you live at
And my n***as purgin', we hop out Suburbans like Kyrie Irving by the way I’ma spin back
I feel like a waiter, these bullets I'm servin', I pull that b*t*h out then I aim at your six-pack
Servin’ these bullets, I heard it was Christmas, we decorate your block with bullets
I put on my mask and I put on my hoodie, I pray to God that nobody got the footage
I'm pullin' up slow and I roll down the window, I pa** me an opp, I'm not afraid to pull it
And we givin' him shots like a camera, just like the picture, you know that boy yvngxchris took it (Yeah, yvngxchris took it)
If you scared, get a dog, n***a
Shoot him in his leg and I told him, "Shake it off, n***a"
Do that n***a like Dwayne, I'ma get him rocked, n***a
You ain't really nothin' but a Shade Room blog n***a
Take her back to telly, get her gone with him
Tryna get a milf, might as well bring your mom with you
Put that b*t*h up on the bed, then I long d**k her
Take a n***a whip, back then, used to rob n***as
Yeah, way back then, used to rock n***as
Way back then, used to do what I had to
Nowadays, I got a thousand of b*t*hes but way back when, I was broke, I just had two

[Interlude: yvngxchris]
Damn, homie
In high school, b*t*h, I’m the man, homie
This sh*t is lit

[Verse 2: yvngxchris]
Now I’m rockin' the Belacartes with the Rick
Yeah, my money be flippin’, twerkin', do a split
I'ma cut that boy like a surgeon, he a b*t*h
Or just put that lil' bag on your head, you get hit
They was just hatin’, now on my d**k
(Got Johnny Dang, all on my wrist)
Cop me a chain, it cost a brick
Shorty a fan, she want a pic'
And I'm rockin' designer, I drop me a couple of bands on this fit
Why that boy in the house like he Cory? He postin' 'em bands on his story, that boy is a lick
I don't talk, better talk to the forty, I link with your shorty, that thot finna give me the spits
I'm droppin' a bag when I'm shoppin', when that n***a yvngxchris walk in, these n***as turn b*t*h

[Verse 3: Lil Yachty]
Do it myself, no a**ist (On God)
Walk in that b*t*h with a limp, told that b*t*h, "I don't kiss"
Knowin' I'm [?] at least (Cap)
Got my lil' dawg or a lawyer to put him in a blitz
Knowin' he'll still do a bid (Yeah)
But them folks was givin' 'em death, so anything is better than that (Oh)
I want my dog and a cat (Ice)
Post cellphones, all both, thank God I ain't stuck in the trap, I used to scam before rap (Damn)
Rich hill sticks, got a cost on chops (Damn)
I just got me a switch, might go buy me a b*t*h (Damn)
[?] on bands, offset, front spot
Belly up in the Ritz, I fell in love with my wrist (Eee)
Twenty-four years, I stomped on Earth, I ain't ask for sh*t, ain't have a pot for p*ss
I sleep with one eye wide, my pride Tim Tebow slick
I be finessin' a lick
[Outro: Lil Yachty]
It's us, you know that

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